Chipping Norton Counselling Service

A little bit about us


Who we work with and how we work

We work with adults, young people and couples.  We work both short term (for an agreed number of sessions) and longer term, allowing the time and space for the work to evolve.  In the initial sessions we will work together to find out whether this is the right time for you to do this sort of work and whether we are the right therapists for you.


Length and Place of Sessions

Counselling sessions are held at Chipping Norton Medical Centre and in a consulting room in Hook Norton. We can offer both day time and evening sessions. The sessions last 50 minutes. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions. However, we suggest that to begin with you have several introductory, assessments sessions with your counsellor. This will allow you both the chance to see whether you would like to work together.



During the counselling sessions you will discuss a lot of different issues and your counsellor will ensure confidentiality.  Your counsellor is, however, required to keep minimal records.  There may be occasions when your counsellor has concern for your safety or the safety of another person.  In such circumstances it may be necessary for your counsellor to contact your doctor. Your counsellor will discuss this with you first.