Chipping Norton Counselling Service

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Most of us have known times when life and relationships feel difficult to manage. We can feel tense and anxious, overwhelmed or out of control, alone or trapped. Sometimes we can just feel an underlying sadness in our daily lives and whilst often the source of our distress is clear, like a specific problem or event, we can also just have an on-going or growing feeling that life isn’t as we feel it should, or hoped it would be.

Counselling offers the opportunity to explore and resolve such conflicts in a reliable, professional relationship where trust and confidentiality are an integral part of the process. Working with a trained therapist, thinking together about past and current experiences, it is possible to disentangle our feelings and notice patterns of thought and behaviour that affect our lives.  

With greater understanding, we can become more accepting of ourselves and develop new ways in which to cope, increasing our freedom to choose to live they way we would like to.